Slaves to Drugs & Vaccines

One of the most profitable operations of our current Medical Monopoly is called “Vaccine”. This is a forced Medical Monopoly that breaks down the immune-system leading to other health conditions. Ongoing poor public health insures consistent money, a life-time of your money, to the medical profession.

As more and more auto-immune disorder are being created and named, increased numbers of MS, cancer, nerve disorders, autism, heart conditions etc, etc.. continue to grow. If vaccines were the answer we would be a heathy nation, instead we are the sickest and spend the most money on trying to get well. Vaccines are the root of our weakened immune system, leaving us venerable to all types of health disorders.

You say “it’s not so bad, we have a choice” do we?, try getting certain jobs, joining the service, starting school without vaccines. Our health freedom is being stripped and we are becoming slaves to drugs, procedures, operations and testing, all while we make drug companies and the medical monopoly rich.

We turn our health over to a so-called “professional” for more vaccines as we age. The flu virus, shingles and booster shots, are these helping us? I am old enough to know and have seen friends become violently ill or just drop dead a day or two after being vaccinated, these vaccines are heart damaging however, the coroner calls it “natural causes”.

If vaccines are so wonderful why are there so many hushed cases such as an eight year old girl incurring permanent brain damage after receiving a diptheria-pertussis-tetanus (DTP) vaccine. This was one of the rare “provable cases”, so the drug company paid millions of dollars out to shut the family up.

Why, we ask if vaccines are so damaging, are we still forcing them on our infants and children? There is a long explanation for this but let me sum it up quickly, politics, drug companies and money. Your money to strip your health.

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