Vaccines & Immune Disorders


There have been many silenced statements from parents that have reported the regression of their normally developing child within hours or days after vaccinations with the MMR, DPT or hepatitis B. Serious research has linked vaccinations to autism and PDD.

I have read study after study of the high correlation between ear infections, antibiotics, vaccines and the incidence of autism. Studies done in the 1970’s-1990’s revealed that the earlier age a child with autism had an ear infection treated with antibiotics, the more likely that child would have a more severe form of autism.

Studies conducted in the field of attention deficit hyperactivity (ADHD) also concluded that increased ear infections early on in life results in much greater incidents of hyperactivity, increased distractibility of students later in life, lower IQ scores, poor performance on reading, spelling and math tests, increased attention deficits and increased behavior problems in school.

Children’s ear infections, in this country are at an all time high. Listed are some of the possible reasons:

  • Too many prescribed antibiotics at an very early age.
  • Receiving vaccines, that cause ear infections.
  • Vaccinating and giving medications to children with under-developed immune system. ** All young children have under-developed immune systems.
  • Bad diet, milk, wheat, corn, fast foods and junk foods.
  • Parents not knowing alternatives – Natural solutions to kill bacteria, fungal and viral invaders.
  • Children being in households of people that smoke
  • Children being placed in day-care before the age of 2. Day-care is a breeding ground for germs.

To help build your child’s immune system consult your Natural Health Practitioner. They can guide you on how to build a strong immune system that will naturally and more effectively fight disease.


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